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Fiduciary Duty to the Star-Holders
Mirror, Aluminum, Electronic Components
Illogically Infallible
Canvas, Cellophane, Circuitry, Camera, Polarizing Filter, Desiccated Alginate, Silica Gel, Resin, Acrylic, Foam, Wood, Wire, Industrial Marker, Printed Digital Collage
Shelf Saboteur
Canvas, Cellophane, Printed Circuit Board, Security Cameras, Speakers, Polarizing Filter, Electrical Wire, Pex Tubing, Silicone, Silica Gel Packets, Mounting Hardware, Cable Management Components, Mirror, Foam, Wood
"You are the king of guilt trips"
Lead, Plaster, Popcorn Ceiling
Dragon Sick
Popcorn Ceiling, Canvas
Suspension of Disbelief
Copper Pipe, Mounting Hardware, Acrylic, Gesso, Wire, Zip Ties, LED, Printed Circuit Board, Thread Tape, Mirrored Tape, Canvas, Rubber, Found Objects
Accidental Cubism
Photogrammetry and Mirror
No More Being Verbs
Canvas, Gesso, Insulation Foam, Mounting Hardware, Cable Channel, Clothes Hanger, Mirror, Wire, Found Objects
The Physicality of Perception 1.5
Light and Mirror
Communication on Hollow Structure
Silicone, Acrylic, Hard Drive Enclosure, Headphones, Found Objects
Brain in a Vat
Wire, Silicone, Acrylic, Construction Adhesive, Capacitors, Screws
The Physicality of Perception
Light and Mirror, Wire, Silicone, Found Objects
Structural Integrity
College Notes
The Physicality of Perception 0.5
Light and Mirror
Just Speak Your Mind
Wire, Silicone, Headphones, Acrylic, Wire Cutters
Semiotic Body Overlay
Colored Pencil on Mylar, Graphite on Paper
Spray Foam, Wood, Found Objects
Porcelain, Spray Foam, Silicone
Light, Sound, & Phenomenology
Light and Mirror, MDF, Clamps, Magnifying Glass
Suspended Animation
Digital Animation
Amygdala Mirror Animation
Light and Mirror, Wood
The Physicality of Identity 0.5
Ballpoint Pen on Wood
Acrylic on Canvas
Recontextualized Object
Game Console Components
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